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Yasmine Mahmoudieh has recieved various awards for her achievments in design and sustainability.

NOV 2022 - Hoteliers Guild Sustainable Architecture & Design Award of the Year
I am greatly honoured to receive The Sustainable Architecture & Design Award of the Year by HoteliersGuild Academy of Hospitality Arts! and I am deeply grateful for the recognition I received for the work that I do to support and spread sustainability in the hotel industry as well as being an ambassador for sustainability in design and architecture. I would like to thank the Sirius academy award and dear Frank M. Pfaller for promoting and supporting new generations of hospitality professionals through scholarships for a more diverse and gender equal future. HoteliersGuild and the HoteliersForGood initiative has the power to impact on young students around the globe and transform their lives. I believe that sustainable gender equality among young people will contribute a positive outcome for the future of the hotel industry.
- Yasmine Mahmoudieh