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This installation evokes the continuous flow of the universe, represented by an ocean wave. It is part of our upcoming NFT series, Metamorphosis 1-4, which will be released later this year. The wave transforms into beautiful vases and chairs, which is a metaphor for the limitless possibilities we have imagined for discarded resources, like ocean plastic, in the realm of interiors and architecture.


The limited edition Flowniversum Flow chair and stool/table are completely 3D printed from plastic waste and depict the ocean's colours in a gradation. Yasmine is also interested in constructing public pavilions with wave shapes, which represent the limitless possibilities for future building structures.


The original "Flow" chair was a finalist in the Urban and Public Design category at the Ro Guiltless Plastic 2022 exhibition, which coincided with Milan Design Week, and the sole winner of the prestigious award in 2021 for smart furniture. This innovative and timeless design is non-toxic, can be used indoors and outdoors in homes, offices, hotels, and restaurants, and mimics the body's natural ebb and flow.

Yasmine Mahmoudieh Explaining her FLOWNIVERSUM collection at Miami Art Basel 2022